It is interesting how people in totally different places of the world, end up having similar thoughts. Way before I saw the video I am posting below, I have been thinking of performing photocopy machine forensics. After giving a talk in Ireland a couple of months ago, I received an e-mail from one of the students that he found the video below. Interesting huh? Well, we should consider doing more quantitative research on the problem to identify the scale of the problem, don't you think?
7/23/2012 05:08:29 pm

Well I read it during my studies that, photocopy machine working on the concept of 'Turing Machine'.

8/29/2012 11:49:20 pm

Very good article. Thank you for sharing. Good luck

11/10/2015 01:22:37 am

The video is very great indeed. How does one dismantle photocopier and conduct research in detail. But I guess photocopiers remains a great engine


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