So I just got back from the conference and I had a great time. I met a lot of important people from the field and learned a lot as well. I especially got good contacts with the people from the forensic companies so that I can potentially start using their software in the forensics program I intend to develop abroad.
What have I learned from this conference?
1 - There isn't one cell phone forensics tool that does it all
2 - There is a lack of certification and training
3 - It is still a difficult/debatable process to get an individual's cellular phone for evidence
4 - Cellphone data/information is mostly used as information to support a case
5 - Data mining for information is the next big thing (That was what our presentation is about)
6 - Everyone is still so focused on acquisition of data from mobile devices, not much has been done on the analysis of that data
7 - The market is corporate driven at this point, and slowly governmental entities are getting involved more and more to try to solve some of the issues that are rising relating to law etc.

I have probably learned many other things as well, but overall, I feel that I learned a lot and I've made some good contacts.

If you would like to simply ask any questions/etc? go ahead and send me a message;

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