I am still in Albany, NY and yesterday was the last day of the conference. I met some really interesting individuals during my stay at the conference such as Nasir Memon, Sanjay Goel, Carrie Whitcomb, Rebecca Mercuri and Nitesh Dhanjani just to name a few.

Chairing the digital forensics session at the conference was a great privilege and allowed me to meet some presenters more freely. I would say that overall the conference was great.

In relation to the applied nature of digital forensics, on the last day I learned about the following software that could be quite useful in DF investigations:
1. PTK - http://ptk.dflabs.com/ (An alternative Sleuthkit interface)
2. Volatility - https://www.volatilesystems.com/default/volatility/ (Python collection of tools for memory analysis and acquisition)
3. Memoryze - http://www.mandiant.com/software/memoryze.htm (Also for memory analysis and acquisition - it is free but not open source)

The conference had visitors from Malaysia, Germany, UAE (myself), London and the United States. All in all, I would love to come back again next year and present. It was exciting and particularly interesting to see such a great involvement from Law Enforcement and other agencies in the conference, as well as the president of the University AT Albany. I have rarely seen during my accademic carreer a university president support a conference by actually being there, which showed commitment even at the top level of the university's administration.

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