So I gave the CERIAS talk which you can view using this link:

CERIAS TALK:Extending anonymity research to high-tech white collar crimes and IT insider threat: A critical step

I am still baffled by the idea that security professionals and students in the field do not really see that humans are a major problem, if not the major problem in the computer security/forensics world. Furthermore what baffles me more is that students in the top universities - especially at the graduate level - in more naturalistic sciences do not really understand the philosophy and history of the scientific method. I feel like it should be imperative that every graduate curriculum should teach the philosophy of science in its curriculum as well as advanced courses in experimental design and statistical methods for data analysis. I have just come to accept that most of my peers in the computing world will not accept psychology and other social sciences as solid foundations for research. In my opinion, since I am seeing both worlds (social and natural sciences), social scientists seem to grasp the concept of experimentation and the scientific method better than natural scientists, and perhaps this is due to the numerous attacks they face as a science. Social scientists strengthen their knowledge on the scientific method both philosophically and scientifically, so these attacks by natural scientists could be argued against and mitigated. I leave you with this thought (given to me by professor Major Prof) - Computer scientists seem to forget that their field is based on the Bayesian model - which is essentially statistics and probability....So as a computer scientists, or computer technologists, never forget that there is a margin of error in computing, just like any other science in this world…The next time you think that computers don't fail ask yourself the following question: Did my laptop/desktop ever stop working? Did my PC/MAC crash? Have I ever seen the blue screen of death?... What it boils down to is everything in this world is relative and nothing is absolutely 100% objective.

8/23/2010 07:55:47 pm

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is a speaking picture.


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