I am in the airport heading to Ireland to give a seminar at UCD, which I find quite exciting. I have never visited Ireland, but it looks beautiful, and I can't wait to explore it. I have been extremely busy working on various research projects, mainly:
1. Standardization of reporting in Cyber Forensic Investigation
2. XML standard for Digital Evidence Items
3. ICDF2C conference related "stuff"
4. Experimenting with the relationship between bypassing the internet proxy and cyber criminal engagement
5. Working on a network forensics training program for certain entities
6. Teaching/creating a small scale digital device forensics class
7. Meeting various interesting people and researchers
8. Working more on iPhone forensics

And many more things. Being a great researcher/professor/director means that you have to be the most dynamic person in the world ;)

Anyway, they just unplugged me from the electrical outlet at the airport because the airport personnel need to use it. I wonder if I should perform some research on rogue networks in middle eastern airports - sounds interesting..

One more thing, does anyone know what cloud computing is? I don't think so to be honest. I think its a term that is thrown around because it sounds "cool". Maybe I am misjudging many, but I truly feel that way so far. If you have a true definition for what cloud computing is, and how it is different from what exists, please inform me.

That is it for now!