I'm glad to announce the acceptance of two papers. One is a cloud forensics survey paper (preliminary analysis), which will be features at the ADFSL conference, and the other that was accepted at DFRWS (Regarded as the top forensics conference), which will also be published in Digital Investigation (Regarded as the top journal in our field).
A new paper was published that is entitled "Self-Reported Cyber Crime: An Analysis on the Effects of Anonymity and Pre-Employment Integrity". You can click here to read the article.
Today two exciting things happened. 1) My proposal for the RIF (Research Incentive Fund), made it through, which is quite remarkable! The research proposal title was "Second-hand cellular phones: Do they pose a threat to our privacy?". I am glad that the reviewers saw value in the research proposal.

The other exciting thing is that I was just added to the Journal of Digital Forensics Security and Law (JDFSL) editorial board. It is nice to see that my work in Cyber Forensics has prompted professors around the world to consider for being part of their editorial team. One of my goals in the future is to start an open access journal, but I have a specific area that I would like to start it in.

Have a wonderful day, my day has started with great news! I hope yours does too.