I'm very proud of some more students that have been able to work hard and publish with me yet another paper at a great conference.  The paper entitled "iPad 2 logical acquisition: Automated or manual examination?". To see the conference schedule you can visit  http://www.digitalforensics-conference.org/.
I have been invited to participate in the International Conference Regional Collaboration In Infrastructure Protection conference in Dubai Feb 1-2. I will be in the panel discussion on the first day (Feb 1st), at 4:30 PM.

Feel free to register for the event, there is going to be a lot of good speakers etc.

I was happy to be invited to speak at the 3rd Interpol's Group of Expert's meeting in Dubai Dec 12-13. I had the opportunity to meet the people that are in the front line of combating cyber crimes in the MENA region yet again. I was also glad to be part of the group that is setting up the guidelines that relate to the research, training and operations related to the Interpol in the MENA region.

At the conference I discussed the challenges that I see facing the MENA region, as well as the Global region in combating cyber crimes, and I gave some ideas of solutions for the region in terms of being able to support itself in combating cyber crimes.

Below are some news articles related to the conference, I wish I could understand why my name is misspelled in every news release I have ever had here! I always give the reporters my business card, and they still manage to torture my name!


Khaleej Times
Emirates 24/7

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To see the conference outline, feel free to visit the website by clicking here. The topic I will be presenting is "Assessing The Importance Of Building Cyber Forensic Capacity For Private Public Sector Organizations". Hope to see you there.