ICST published a news article about the success of the conference preparations and support of the Ministry of Interior.Click here to see the news release.
I'm happy to announce that after a lot of hard work exerted by myself  and the ZU office of development, the UAE Ministry of Interior decided to sponsor the 2nd Intentional Conference on Digital Forensics and Cyber Crime, being the only platinum sponsor. I want to also thank E&Y for supporting this great cause.
It is interesting how people in totally different places of the world, end up having similar thoughts. Way before I saw the video I am posting below, I have been thinking of performing photocopy machine forensics. After giving a talk in Ireland a couple of months ago, I received an e-mail from one of the students that he found the video below. Interesting huh? Well, we should consider doing more quantitative research on the problem to identify the scale of the problem, don't you think?
At my birthday dinner, on a yacht (I had to mention that..), a conversation was started, I don't remember how, but it was on the philosophy of how computers are human-like. I was baffled to hear from non-technical people, that they philosophically view computers as humans in some ways. Why am I baffled? well, its simple, because without humans, there wouldn't be computers.

Computers operate on 1s and 0s, and that is that. Even the most sophisticated AI algorithms, are no where close to humans. Computers do not possess any REAL emotions, or REAL freedom of choice. What are your thoughts on this? If you read this entry, let me know your thoughts. I want to know if I am the only person stuck in this bubble that thinks that computers will NEVER be as sophisticated and complex as humans...