Within our forensics community, DFRWS is regarded as a respected conference with typically 20-25% acceptance rates. Again, due to our hard work, and our student's hard work this time around, we were able to publish yet another paper. The paper entitled "Social Networking Applications on Mobile Devices" was based on a work that I supervised for Noora Al Mutawaa's MsC project. She did a fantastic job examining the logical evidence stored on the mobile devices. We examined multiple different mobile operating systems, as well as facebook, twitter and myspace on each. The results were interesting - have a read through the paper, or simply come see our presentation in Washington DC. where my colleague Andrew Marrington and myself will be presenting the paper. Visit  http://www.dfrws.org/2012/program.shtml  for more information on the presentation schedule for this year's conference. 
I'm very proud of some more students that have been able to work hard and publish with me yet another paper at a great conference.  The paper entitled "iPad 2 logical acquisition: Automated or manual examination?". To see the conference schedule you can visit  http://www.digitalforensics-conference.org/.