I was interviewed earlier today by BBC Radio regarding mobile device security. To hear the interview click here, move to 1hr and 22 minutes.
The National news paper featured on the front page news that I was a part of regarding cyber crimes and the rate they are increasing at in the UAE. I want to make it clear that the numbers reflect the awareness of the government in the UAE regarding crimes that have been submitted to courts for prosecution. This means that the government and the law has become quite proactive in criminalizing cyber crimes in the UAE. Below are the articles:
1. Laws needed to conquer cyber crime
2. Cyber crime reports grow by 1000 percent
It was a pleasure to present the latest research I've worked on at the AD police's scientific forum on the 18th. I want to thank the AD police for giving me the gift that they did, as well as giving people the opportunity to discuss the area of cyber forensics and cyber crime from the different angles (technical, scientific and law).

Below are the preliminary news releases from the event!
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I have been invited to participate in the International Conference Regional Collaboration In Infrastructure Protection conference in Dubai Feb 1-2. I will be in the panel discussion on the first day (Feb 1st), at 4:30 PM.

Feel free to register for the event, there is going to be a lot of good speakers etc.