This year, I have been invited to talk at the Mobile Forensics World 2009 conference. To see the website for the conference you can go to: It is the one and only mobile forensics conference that bridges LE, academia and the private sector. It is probably the most comprehensive conference for the mobile forensics field and I really admire Rick Mislan for putting forth the continuous effort to make it happen. I will be giving a talk there with my colleague Ashwin Mohan - and I will not reveal the topic until it gets accepted for publication! I would highly suggest attending the conference if you want to learn more about what is going on in the mobile forensics field. Exciting news for me.. at least in this really bad snowy weather.


This is a new semester and I have three major ideas in my head that I will accomplish. 1) Getting a paper ready for the SADFE conference 2) Getting another paper ready to get published either in the SSDD journal or for the Digital Forensics Workshop. One more idea came to me that involves exif data for JPEG files that I'll be working on with a colleague of mine that shall get published somewhere as well. Finally - there is my dissertation. I'm glad I have the IRB approval now so that I can start my testing. I'm really looking forward for a productive academic semester and for this New Year in academia - I WILL accomplish all of the aforementioned projects.

On a side note - I found an interesting website ( ) that also published an article I co-authored with a colleague of mine. The article was originally published in Forensic Magazine. It is nice to see something that you worked on go to multiple places, so that more people can read it. That is what I really love about publishing. I like the idea that people in this world like to hear what I have to say, it makes me feel that what I have to say is important, and furthermore it helps me self-actualize and shows me that I am making a difference in this world, even if it’s a small one.

What is life without making a difference? .. I don't know, but I believe everyone has a purpose, and I feel like mine is integrated with both music and academia, so I will strive to make as big as an impact as I can in both domains.